Recovery Lifer

Recovery is a long term commitment to a new perspective, attitude, and mindset. When the pain of change becomes less than the pain of remaining the same, we change! It sounds simple, but it isn’t as easy as putting aside whatever is creating chaos in our lives. Struggle is a natural part of life, and for many of us we end up isolated and ashamed that we wound up in such a predicament. It isn’t just some twenty-eight day rehab program that creates the lasting change. It is the daily action that we choose to make that helps to put the pieces of our lives back together and find the missing pieces we were searching for all along.

Peer Support & Individualized Recovery Planning

We provides a broad range of individualized and self-directed Peer Support services for people who have experienced substance use disorder, mental health disorders, or have co-occurring disorders. Recovery Lifer’s Peer Specialists also have a cumulative lived experience covering SUD, Mental Health, Co-occurring Disorder, Harm Reduction, Human Trafficking, LGBTQ, Invisible Disabilities, and more.

Workforce Development & Supported Employment

We offer workforce development opportunities through supported employment and apprenticeships. Through hands-on training, mentorship, soft skills and hard skill development you will be ready to enter the workforce and maintain stable employment.

Entrepreneurship Coaching & Business Consulting

We coach aspiring or current entrepreneurs as they start up or work to sustain their businesses and organizations. This creates an opportunity for individuals and their families to find healing by detoxifying from harmful habits as they begin to reimagine their lives.

Join me on this journey through recovery as we dive deep into the areas of our lives that become connected to as a result of seeking to live differently.


Phone: (479) 227-2877

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